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10:00, 16 JAN 2017Updated14:31, 21 APR 2017Top right The Island Club, main image geisha night at Moles And even though it’s been many decades since we danced at the clubs including Tiffany’s, Chemies and Nero’s the memories are just as strong as ever.One reader left us a message on Facebook asking: „Do you remember Tiffany’s chicken in a basket?“Other readers told us they’d met their partners at clubs in Bath, while others just remembered them as the best nights of their life.Then and now: we can’t really have a boogie in the Sainsbury’s Local can we?In 1982 one reader said he’d go to Chemies every weekend, followed by a long walk back Southdown with a chicken kebab.And he said he’d do it all again if he had the chance.There was lots of love on Facebook for Tiffany’s on Monday nights and it seems the club was a hit with student nurses.10 things you will remember if you grew up in BathAnd even though we didn’t earn loads of money back then it seems we didn’t need much.Thanks to the reader who told us she’d go out with „Fifteen quid and taxi home and still had money over. 18 birthday cake and a bottle of cheap plonk at Chemies. They were really good times for a night out.“Nero’s Mr Benny promoting a 1940s themed eventOthers remembered some not so great events: „Got my head kicked in in Chemies and met my first wife in the Island Club how could I forget?“We also spoke to Simon Power, who many readers will remember as he DJ ed at three former Bath spots, Moles, Acacia Avenue and the Island Club.His kudos as a Capital Radio DJ soon saw him DJing at three Bath clubs after simply going in and asking.. In days titanium 900ml cup of Cheap NFL jerseys old, before the engagement ring came to be, the engagement gift used to be the purchase of the bride from the bride family. The size of the gift was generally the amount that the man cheap nfl jerseys thought the woman was worth to him. Today, instead of purchasing the bride, an engagement ring is exchanged. „Instead of ending a war, the goal of the new Manhattan Project will be clean energy independence so that we can deal with skyrocketing gasoline prices, soaring electricity prices, wholesale nfl jerseys clean air, cheap jerseys climate change, and national security for our country first, and because other countries have the same urgent needs and therefore will adopt our ideas for the rest of the world,“ Sen. Alexander concluded. „We should begin by exploring for more of the oil and gas that the United States already has. The individual serving size ones were cute, but for some reason they seemed to be missing parts of their handles. There was a stack of heavy bread pans, all covered with a thick layer of greasy film. I’m sure there’s a good way to get those pans looking like new again, but I don’t need any bread pans, so I declined.

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